7 Facebook Rules Every Parent Should Follow When ‘Friends’ With Their Kids

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Facebook being a social networking site is an easy way to stay in touch with your friends, family and acquaintances. The site is in use by the masses for their respective approaches to be linked with their ‘friends’ or to be more specific, people in their friends list.

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A tactic which every parent use to spy on their kids

Parents of all ages prefer to be ‘friends’ with their kids on Facebook. It is usually one of the easiest ways to keep an eye on their children, but what they are not aware is that kids are usually reluctant to add them on their social networking page. Children have the idea of parents spoiling up their privacy which makes them too concerned when being ‘friends’ with them. It is best for parents to act as mature father and mother and provide their kids with enough space to enjoy.

To develop a healthy and long lasting relationship on social networking site, here are 7 Facebook rules every parent should follow when ‘Friends’ with their kids.

  1. Don’t get too personal – Either one share or on comments does not introduce anything from your child’s personal life. This might embarrass him or her giving them a sense of insecurity since you are their friends. Getting too personal might eventually result in children blocking you or hiding things from you.
  2. Maintain your respect as a parent – Realize that all his/her friends can share your view and comments on their wall. As a parent you need to maintain your respect value bar therefore post light comments or replies. Try sharing stuff that matches and adds to the good mood of your child but that also has to be done seldom.
  3. Do not share and tag your child in all the photos – You should not share and tag your kids in all the photos that you feel are worth a laugh. Your child might not like it. This is because of his/her social page they have their friends, teachers, family members and other acquaintances and to them he/she does not wish to open up their private life.
  4. Do not sneak into Facebook account – Never try to appear that you are spying them. Do not go on and reply to their comments to them. Even if it’s as simple as saying thank you on their behalf. This aggravates and irritates them. They are grown enough to manage their social stuff and you need to respect this idea of theirs.
  5. Do not like all the posts and shares of your child – You should not like each status update your kid is doing on Facebook. This will definitely give them the idea of you following or stalking them.
  6. Refrain from messing up their walls – There is no need to remind them about their work or scold them on their Facebook page. This is a direct insult to your child and it will be a direct attack on their integrity.
  7. Do not connect with all your kids’ friends – Last but not the least; don’t try to be friends will all your kids’ friends. This disturbs them and they feel their privacy has been hindered.

Parents are to act as normal friend when added by their kids on the social networking sites. This helps kids to be proud about their relationship with their parents and on the other hand parents get a good chance to be linked with their kids and their activities.

Author: Katherine is a professional writer and has contributed to numerous technology and social media blogs. She started writing when she was 14 only and keeps passion for blogging. She likes to advise parents on internet safety tips for kids and write reviews on Android spy apps that helps parents monitor their kids online. You may follow her on twitter @kathrineswitzer

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