7 Best Writing Tools and Apps Every Writer Should Use

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“One fine day, a man sat in the corner of his dark and dreary room, sipping tea ….

…and wondering what to write next. Authors and writers are often stuck in what everyone calls the “writer’s block”. To rid themselves of this evil, they bring along a few of their own “tools” to aid their writing process. For some, this would be a strong cup of coffee, and for others it could be just a pencil and a notepad. However, these methods are quite passé.

Welcome to the digital era, where there is “smart” solution to everything—yes, even to a writer’s problems!

To prevent the writer’s block and aid the writing process, we strongly believe that authors/writers should get a hold of the following tools and apps.


The Brainstormer app is built for all and any creative mind. Anyone who is looking for a story to their creative piece, be it a writing or painting, will love this handy-dandy app. The Brainstormer will get your imagination kicking in just a few minutes with the help of three spinning wheels named plot/conflict, theme/setting, and subject/location. You can do a random spin with the inbuilt words or you can create your own combinations and build new scenarios from scratch.

Availability: iOS

Novel Idea

The Novel Idea is a tool that will expand on your ideas and imagination to organize them and make them understandable. It has a very simple interface that will easily enable you to link ideas, connect the dots, and get started on your novel story. Arrange the scenes by dragging and dropping them, create scene goals and objectives for each character, and much more.

The editable fields include:

Novel – title, setting, theme, tone, point of view, premise, and plot.
Scene – title, act, time, plot type, description, tension level
Character – name, age, external conflict, external motivation, internal conflict, internal motivation, description
Location – name, description
Idea – description

Availability: iOS

White Noise Free/Lite

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for writing pages and pages of content, but thanks to your surroundings, your thoughts keep getting distracted. Distractions can be a major pain and a cause for a “writer’s rut”. Why not add a distraction of your own that overrides others? White Noise Free/Lite app will add a soothing white noise background of your choice — fan, air conditioner hum, heavy rain, ocean waves, etc.

Availability: iOS and Android

Everybody dreads the Big D-Word! If you’ve got the same problem with this project and need a helping hand, Dissertation Cube can do the magic. It not only offers you an ideal hub for inspiration but some professional assistance as well. You can make your literature review, data analysis and even the complex qualitative research sound easy when you take the back-to-back help of this service.

  • FocusWriter: If you want to rid yourself of MS Words and try something new that resembles a blank canvas, get a hold of FocusWriter. This application has a very basic and simple interface and rids your screen of all the surrounding “distractions”. No totoolbars, windows, icons, or annoying pop ups. With this app on your device, it’s just you and your writing. You can add your own background and create a workspace that suits you the most. This app is, however, not suited to complex formatting (i.e. spell checks, image addition, etc).

Availability: Windows 2003, XP, 7, 8, and Vista

Mind Node

Mind Node is a brilliant application that makes mapping out your thoughts painless and simple. Mind node is meant to “map out the mind” using a visual representation. You are supposed to begin with the light bulb and then spread outward with each new thought, or “node”, you’ve brainstormed. You can map out topics, subtopics, and add as many “nodes” as you want to connect your thoughts. Ten dollars isn’t hefty price to get you started with your writing and shake off the dreaded writer’s block.

Availability: iOS

Thesaurus Free/ App

A writer just can’t do without a handy thesaurus right at his table. Sometimes the word we are looking for is buried beneath the clutter. With the help of a words-rich thesaurus, you can retrieve the synonym for every word. The Thesaurus app will also list you possible antonyms, related terms, and similar word and user suggestions.

Availability: iOS and Android


Undoubtedly, Evernote is one of the most useful apps for reseraching and recording material. With Evernote in your pocket, you won’t have to worry about when or where an idea pops up. This is a personal filing cabinet which will “note” down your idea no matter where you are. Clip up any useful articles you find on the web or snap up a picture of something useful you found. With this app at hand, you don’t have to worry about losing any bit of information that could contribute to your story. The best part is that you can also sync all of your devices and access you recorded information from any device you use.

Make use of this app by “writing notes of all types, being able to access them on any device, collecting web articles, and finding photos, documents, or images always close at hand”.

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.

Author Bio: Lisa works as a professional writer at Coursework Labs. She provides help to students of every classes especially expert assistance to students who approach her and ask “can you help me write my coursework”. Find her on Google+.

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