6 Most Competitive Alternatives to Dropbox

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The era of storing data on CD, Floppy Drives, and Cassettes is long gone; who would want to get into the hassle of handling and storing them at a safe place to find later when in need? Now people want to be able to store all their data in one place where it can be easily accessed and shared across the world with their friends and family.

Alternatives of Dropbox

The data should also be available to them in whichever device they are holding in their hand. While a lot of people prefer using Dropbox to store their data, some arenot satisfied with its services. So if you fall in the latter category, then you must check out the 6 most popular alternates to Dropbox below:

  1. Google Drive

As usual, Google tops the list wherever it goes. Google Drive is a pretty commonly used online service that lets you store 15 GB of data and is just a Gmail account away. It lets you share the data that you have uploaded via email, irrespective of the size of the file. It also comes with its desktop app so that you can monitor your data offline as well. Premium data plans start at $1.99 a month.

  1. OneDrive

OneDrive is a plug-in for your Hotmail account, and it also involves a handy desktop app which comes preinstalled when you switch to Windows 8 and above. It is linked to Office online as well so that you can edit your Microsoft Office documents straight from OneDrive. Even though the Drive initially offers you 30 GB of free storage, you can get more space by getting one of their premium packages.

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive starts off with offering you 5 GB of free storage data. It has its own mobile and desktop app as well so that your data stays synced across multiple devices. The disadvantages of this service is that you can only upload a file that has a maximum size of 2 GB and a single account can only be synced across eight different devices or computers.

  1. Copy

Copy offers free storage space up to 20 GB, which is even more than what Google offers. It has its own filters for removing viruses and spams so you can trust the app with your eyes closed. They also have a referral system by which if you can convince others to join Copy, you will get even more free storage. It can be synced and accessed across computers and cell phones.

  1. CloudMe

CloudMe welcomes all of its new users with 19 GB of free data. While this size is sufficient enough for everyday use, you can’t upload a file bigger than 150 MB. But, even in this scenario, people usually donot notice the file size because an average picture might range from 5-8 MB while a document hardly occupies a couple of KBs.

  1. SpiderOak

While the above mentioned services are commonly known, SpiderOak was introduced into the world only recently and therefore, it provides the best of everything when it comes to privacy and safety. All your data is encrypted and passwords are hidden even from the employees that are managing this app. Sharing is easy with SpiderOak, and you can also upload this app on your own server by using the encryption and access tools.

Majority of the population uses Google Drive and OneDrive as everyone is familiar with Hotmail and Gmail. Otherwise, the rest of the above mentioned apps provide great services too if you are willing to explore something new.

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