6 Cool Apps That Help Save Energy and Money

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If you’re one of those people who runs around the home turning off forgotten lights to save on energy, you’re in for a real treat with today’s technology. As the smartphone and tablet become even more ingrained in everyday society, several apps are on the market to help you conserve energy. From finding the right light bulb to just unplugging those vampire electronics, check out both free and paid-for apps to make your day even more energy efficient.

Save Energy and Money


Every home has a unique energy usage level so get to know yours with Kill-Ur-Watts. With a basic login process, you see your electrical use and compare it to others in the neighborhood. Based on your peak and trough usage, this free app comes up with a smart energy conservation strategy for almost all electrical items in the home.

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Green Outlet

When you really want to know your impact on the Earth, Green Outlet gives you an alert each day to your carbon footprint size. Simply log all your appliance information on this $0.99 cent app to see where you stand. Alter your electricity use from there to save money and avoid peak usage times. The electric bill is sure to go down.

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Light Bulb Finder

Find retailers in your area with LED and CFL bulbs ready for sale. As a free app, Light Bulb Finder gives you recommendations and locations of bulbs perfect for any fixture. It literally walks you through which fixture you prefer and brightness needs. Whether you need a reading light or chandelier bulb, this app finds it all for you.

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If you’re shivering in the winter and sweating in the summer, your home could need better insulation. When you install insulation, you should know your combined R-value to match your region’s weather needs. Use this app for $4.99 to calculate your home’s R-value. Essentially, the colder the area, the higher an R-value your home requires.

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Home energy efficiency also includes your impact on local landfills. If you throw out everything, your trash contribution is significant. Make your home a pillar to recycling savvy by downloading iRecycle for free. You simply choose the materials necessary for recycling and it locates a nearby facility. Take your items to the location and see your trash volume decline almost immediately.

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Boiler Efficiency

When you’re in the market for a new home boiler, selecting a fuel source can be tough. Although this app is relatively complex with heat values and other specifics, your $7.99 is well-spent to find the best energy source for your next investment. Base your fuel use on the region and local prices to find the perfect match.

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It’s true you appreciate the side effect of saving money with energy conservation, so download one or all of these apps to get started. If everyone tried to be more energy savvy, significant reductions in fossil fuel use could be possible. Be part of Earth-friendly practices and switch off those old incandescents today.


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