5 Ways Your Business Productivity Could Boost With a BYOD Initiative

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The BYOD or Bring Your Own Device initiative permits employees to bring their own electronicitems, such as PCs, phone, tablets, to work and use them to access company database information and applications. This allows for not only the company to save large amounts of money that would otherwise have to be spent on technology but also new applications can be introduced within the company. Here are the top 5 ways BYOD can really boost productivity.

Business Productivity

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1.      Faster Communication

 When you compare instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, Facebook’s chat and iMessage to other forms of communication such as emails and sending faxes, you realize just how much technology has improved the ability to have speedy conversations. The increased socialization of enterprise applications gives co-workers, colleagues, clients, customers, and vendors a better tool to communicate with in real time. These secure and speedy connections not only increase a worker’s efficiency and productivity but alsoensurecustomer satisfaction and ultimately drive key performance goals for any business.

2.      Increased Device Familiarity

 There is no point in a company spending a large sum of money of device only to realize that that the employees hardly use it simply because of lack of familiarity. With the BYOD Initiative, there is no fear that a device will sit unused. Forcing employees to use different technology which they are accustomed to does very little in boosting productivity lowers it in many cases. When users bring their own technology, they gain a sense of comfort and assurance and work more productively knowing the full capabilities of their device.

3.      Easier Accessibility

 Gone are the days where you had to be in your office using company assigned PC to log into a company’s database in order to retrieve a file. With the dawn of cloud computing, companies are moving nearly all of their servers to the cloud. With every employee bringing his or her own piece of technology, it can be quite cumbersome to log into the ordinary company database, however with the cloud’s accessibility feature, many different kinds of devices can be used to access the company’s files. What this means is, you are no longer restricted to a single device to access work files.

4.      Integration of New Apps

 Most companies update their own devices only once or perhaps twice a decade. Maybe even less depending on the field, however, newer software and applications are released almost every single day, and as time passes, these new applications become incompatible with older devices. While it may be expensive for companies to buy to gadgets regularly, individuals may update their devices much more frequently. Productivity will definitely be boosted if all employees use newer applications.

5.      Mutual Benefits for Employees

 When everyone brings their own devices, there is a natural shared experience that can help people learn more about technology in general. Employees can be exposed to more efficient devices that they may themselves acquire or perhaps learn something new about their own devices. In any case, the experience helps to better inform employees and informed employees make for a productive work force.

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