5 Tech Engineering Degrees that Will Stand the Test of Time

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With the decline of the job market in the aftermath of the 2007 economic recession, many people are understandably concerned about the long-term potential of their chosen career path. Those pursuing a degree in engineering may question the longevity of their field. The following engineering jobs are vital to global sustainability and are predicted to be relevant far into the future.

Engineering Degrees

Materials Engineer

as we strain our resources for manufacturing new products, the job of a materials engineer will become increasingly important. Among other things, a materials engineer creates new and sustainable materials from existing raw components. The importance of this job is expected to grow as certain materials become steadily scarcer.

Civil Engineer

The world’s population is continuing to expand at a brisk pace. In order to keep up with this rapid growth, more structures are needed. Civil engineers design, oversee and maintain buildings, sewage systems and water supply structures. For financial reasons, companies and states are more often opting to repair existing structures instead of demolishing and rebuilding. Because of these aging buildings and the expanding population, civil engineering jobs are expected to grow by 20 percent in the next five years. Civil engineering degrees are available at most universities and you can even earn your civil engineering masters online.

Aerospace Engineer

while governments are cutting back on their space programs, private companies are beginning to invest huge dollars in the space travel market. The demand for aerospace engineers at these companies is at an all-time high and is expected to continue to grow as private space travel becomes more attainable to the average individual in the future.

Nuclear Engineer

Energy consumption in the United States is slowly moving away from oil, gas and coal and relying more on nuclear energy sources. Several new nuclear energy plants are in the planning phase all across the country. These facilities will require engineers to develop, maintain and operate the plants. There are also many opportunities for nuclear engineers to work in the medical field. New research on nuclear medicine makes this an exciting and ever advancing branch of the field.

Computer Engineer

It is no secret that computers have become indispensable to twenty first century living. Computer engineering is a rapidly growing industry, and there are currently more positions available than there are engineers. Experts anticipate that jobs will continue to be readily available far into the future for those pursuing the software side of computer engineering.

Not all engineering fields are growing, but if you are considering a career in engineering, choosing one of these five degrees will guarantee future employment.


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