5 Smartphone Trends to Watch for in 2017

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Each week, it seems that new phone options appear to make smartphones more efficient and more fun. Thousands of developers are working on apps to make life easier, save money and find great bargains. As a result of this, cell phone manufacturers are developing new models to keep up with consumer demand. So, what does the future hold for tomorrow’s smartphone users? Here are five trends in smartphone development to watch for in 2013.

Smartphone trends

The Dawn of HTML5 smartphones

HTML5 is a markup language used to create web pages for people using various high-tech devices. This language allows web developers to use a new source code that will present content to users regardless of the device they use. HTML5 will allow users to see and hear videos, web pages, games and music on tablets, smartphones, laptops and all-in-one computers. This code is specifically designed to run on low- power devices like smartphones. Analysts expect that more than one billion HTML5 smartphones will be sold in 2013.

Synchronized Operating Systems

Both Microsoft and Apple are retooling their operating systems so that they work seamlessly across different computer devices. This means that users won’t need to use one OS for a smartphone and another for the desktop computer. The goal is to give users an integrated computer ecosystem and phone options that work on all computing devices.

Bye-Bye PC

Some analysts are expecting users to dump their PCs in favor of exclusively using a smartphone. The thinking here is that users will determine that they no longer will need a PC when the smartphone does everything that a PC can do, including long distance phone plans. The analysts base their reasoning on the fact that more smartphones were shipped in 2011 than PCs.

Jumping on the Sustainable Train

Various smartphone manufacturers looking for an edge over competitors will offer consumers devices made from recycled parts. This will be an interesting marketing experiment to determine if there are enough buyers willing to pay out money for a recycled device. As part of this effort, look for better batteries that hold a charge longer.

Smartphones that Can Swim

Okay, not really swim but a waterproof cell phone. A surface coating called Liquipel will make its debut in 2013 that will waterproof smartphones. If a smartphone is dropped in the rainwater barrel, expect the long distance phone plans to work after it’s fished out. Unfortunately, smartphones don’t float yet.

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