5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets You Must have in 2018

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There is nothing more exciting this year than trying your hands on your own culinary skills rather than visiting any random restaurant, if you are a foodie. You may want to have a great range of pans, pots, and kitchen tools to make any recipe you like. Here are some of the must-have smart gadgets in your kitchen to definitely add lasting impression among your guests and loved ones.

5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets

VOILE Pasta and Spaghetti Measurer

There is nothing better for a pasta loving friend than having a super functional and sleek gadget for their kitchen which can help them in measuring spaghetti and dry pasta without any guess work.

Alessi spaghetti measurer is designed to make the perfect size of serving every time and to measure out at least 1, 2, or 5 servings to you can always get what you need. It has got stainless steel and modern design to display in your kitchen.

Amco Rub-A-Way Bar

No matter what recipe you are preparing for your next dinner, you may always want to add garlic to it. But you won’t like the lingering smell of old garlic annoying you all day. The Amco Rub-a-way Bar is designed to avoid strong odors like fish, onions, and garlic off your hands and in your food. It is just better than soap without adding harsh chemicals that can strip your skin cells. In addition, this bar is dishwasher safe.

5-Blade Vegetable Slicer by Spiralizer

If you are a home cook who is more concerned about your health and your family, this 5-Blade Veggie slicer is the best companion for your kitchen needs. It is ranked as Business Insider’s one of the “Best Gadgets for Healthy Eating”. This vegetable slicer can easily turn any vegetable or fruit into fun or healthy garnish with just few cranks. It is one of the hottest favorites for those who love healthy lifestyles and avoid high-carb meals and replace them with healthy veggies.

Dash Egg Cooker

Breakfast is very vital to get a good start to your day. But it shouldn’t be too difficult. This way, Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker can easily remove the stress off making eggs. It is listed as one of the best kitchen tools to make breakfast for you by Business Insider. It makes medium, hard, and soft boiled eggs within 12 minutes.

You can easily boil up to 6 eggs in this boiling tray or poach up 2 eggs in its poaching tray. It also has scrambling tray to prepare delicious omelette.

Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

If you are a foodie who can’t live without Chinese food, the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker might be the perfect gift. It is not easy to make quality dumplings. It is very time consuming and tedious to make them by hand at home. This Gyoza maker can easily remove your stress by making homemade dumplings. You may just fill and turn crank and place skin on the rollers. It is very easy, fun and tasty alternative to Chinese takeout. It has another roller to make your favorite wontons.


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