5 Reasons Boston is a Top Place for the High-Tech Industry

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The general consensus about the top place in the country for high-tech jobs and innovation is that it’s California’s Silicon Valley. Outside of this area, though, there are plenty of other regions around the United States that are giving Silicon Valley some competition. One of the best places that’s attracting lots of high-tech ideas and talents is the Boston area in Massachusetts. Here are five reasons why the tech industry is falling in love with Boston.

High-Tech Industry

  1. Academic Center

Boston is a great spot for undergraduates to flock to because of the vast selection of top colleges and universities. The Boston region is home to Boston University, Northeastern University, Harvard, Emerson College, and more. This large concentration of prestigious schools places a lot of intellectual talent in this area. Employers and innovators have a need for creative minds who can think outside of the box and develop better technologies for the future. The Boston area is one of the best places in the world to find that raw talent.

  1. Great Startup Atmosphere

Another reason Boston is so primed for the high-tech industry is because it has a solid startup atmosphere for new companies. Boston is close to several major financial centers and home to plenty of venture capitalists looking for new investment opportunities. Innovative startups looking for funding may get lost in the crowd in the vast scene in Silicon Valley. Boston’s smaller and more intimate scene may be a better place for companies looking for a more personalized and hands-on funding experience.

  1. Comfortable Living Space

The Boston region is also a great place to live. There are lots of diverse neighborhoods, unique attractions, and friendly locals. Job candidates who are looking for their first position can find a place to live within their price range in and around the Boston area. Finding something affordable in the San Francisco region on an entry-level salary is virtually impossible, so this makes Boston a viable alternative.

  1. More Jobs

Boston is also a smart choice for job hunters. High-tech companies may be more attracted to areas that have a strong job scene because it can give them more potential applicants and talent. Computer engineer jobs in Boston are plentiful because of the vast network of high-tech companies setting up shop in this region. Salaries are respectable and high-paying compared to the cost of living, giving workers more disposable income than they’d have in the Silicon Valley region.

  1. Supportive City

The last reason Boston is a great spot for high-tech firms is because of the overall level of support from various sources around town. The city’s local government and services have created programs to help nurture talent in technology and science, giving firms more potential talent pools. There is also a large network of professional organizations devoted to providing support to tech firms and new startups. This way, the Boston area will continue to grow as a center for internet technology and more.

If you’re looking for a spot to find a great tech job or start a new digital venture, Boston may be the perfect place. Silicon Valley may be too big to break into, but Boston may be the right place for your ideas or the future of your career.


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