5 Proven Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal

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If you have a wireless router at home or office, chances are everyone uses the WiFi connection to surf the Internet, play games, do online shopping and much more. Even if you have the best router with strong signal, you will see that it often has problems connecting or staying connected. If you constantly face poor connection problems with just one or two bars then you need to boost the wifi signal of your router. In this article, we will discuss the 5 proven ways to boost your WiFi signal. You may try any of them and hopefully they will deliver results for you too.

WiFi Signal

# Identify the right location for the router

If your router constantly has connection problems then chances are that the router is not located in the right position. Instead of calling a technician and paying him, perform a self-check to ensure that the router is situated in the right place from where it can send the Wi-Fi signal to all directions equally. We recommend that you place the router in center of the main coverage area.

#2. Virtual access point creation

Windows 7 now allows you to create a Virtual access point which is called Wireless Hosted Network. It helps in turning the wireless adapter into a virtual wireless router when you are connected to a different wireless network. Other Wi-Fi users can also access this virtual access point upon permission from the host’s connection. This may be a temporary solution to boost the Wifi signal of router.

#3. Get an updated version of the router

Like every other technical product, routers are also getting improved and advanced. So, if you want better performance, you need to consider updating the current version of the router. Get a product that offers a better speed and range. You may choose to buy one of those special routers that offer better coverage with hi-gain antennas.

#4. Boost the signal with better antenna

The average Wifi vendors usually provide cheap antennas so a good way to enhance the strength of your router is to include belter antennas.  You can either replace antennas on the router or adaptor or both. If you change antennas on the router then this will give you improve overall coverage. If you replace antennas on the adapter, you will be able to increase the strength of that particular computer.

#5. Boost with a Wi-Fi Repeater

The last but not the least method to increase the strength of your Wi-Fi signal is by using a Wi-Fi Repeater. This step is almost similar as developing a virtual access point using Windows. You can purchase a wireless repeater online and keep it between your wireless router and computers that are having connecting issues. This may not be a long term solution, but in short term you can find significant difference in online gaming and downloading large files.

We hope the above 5 methods to booth the WiFi network helps you transform your regular router into the best router with strong signal.


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