5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Updates Already Rolling in 2015

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The Customer Relationship Management tool from Microsoft, also known as Dynamics CRM or Vega first informed the public about its changes and updates in September 2014, under an entire guide, where they insisted on major changes in the well-known Dynamics CRM 2014 and Dynamics CRM online 2014 versions. In this article, we’re noting the most important changes to the two software releases from Microsoft.

#1. Significant Search Improvements

It is finally happening: Dynamics CRM 2015 enables global search to be run from any screen. How can Dynamics users do that? In the main navigation bar, click the magnifying glass icon and enable a search display. Keywords and (*) wildcard characters work great in finding records across multiple channels. A new Advanced Find icon has also been added to the navigation bar of CRM 2015. On the search results page, users can apply filters to get specific results as well.

#2. Outlook Configuration Wizard

Let’s be honest, Outlook configuration can be a pain when it comes to Dynamics CRM, but in the 2015 version, a redesigned Outlook Configuration Wizard was implemented in order to simplify the process of setting up the CRM software with the Outlook Integration. Voila! Note: Some reinstalls might be needed for the upgrade of Outlook.

#3. Calculated Fields in CRM 2015

Another big surprise is the automated calculations fields, which are now easily runnable in CRM thanks to an inbuilt function in the standard interface. No more scripts! The Sales team can now use the calculated fields in order to instantly check a weighted opportunity value in terms of probability, to confirm number of days an opportunity has stayed open for and apply a % discount in case a quote exceeds defined values. All in an automatic form without on-demand workflow.

#4. Business Rules and Business Client APIs

Introduced in the early 2013 version, Business Rules get a complete makeover in Dynamics CRM, 2015 version, with the ability to set default values and show/hide attributes to personalize displays each time new records are created to prefill data and/or remove specific fields, along with the possibility to apply logic (and/or, if… else, if… then) in defining more complex rule structures, all under a server side execution.

In terms of Client API for Business flows, this enables complete programmable access, using JavaScript coding, which improves the transition from flow stages, ensuring users are working under correct steps. You can watch this webinar recording from UXCEclipse.com showcasing how Business Process Improvement can be utilized with the Dynamics CRM solution.


#5. Sync, Work Offline and Tablet Compatibility

Probably one of the most improvements of Dynamics CRM 2015 has happened in terms of Mobility. Two CRM 2015 improvements worth mentioning for iPads, Windows 8 and Android tablets are the ability to work offline using drafts to create new CRM records that will later on be synchronized and applied as changes, and the ability to build an app home page that can later on be customized with pinned records and dashboard previews. Another notable improvement is the sync between CRM and Outlook / Exchange, by providing the ability to sync more types of information, such as additional contact fields, task fields, designated tasks and appointment attachments.

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With these 5 major updates, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 promises to not fail its users and to provide support and business growth for its clients. More changes are announced in the upcoming months, changes that will improve the future of CRM, according to the Dynamics community blog.

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