5 Key Elements Across All Successful Websites

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The competition for online traffic, sales and business can be a bit of a jungle. There is so much competition out there in pretty much every industry that getting your website right is crucial. While you could of course write several books on producing the perfect website, here are a few key elements to any successful production.


  • Easy to use

This sounds obvious, but it can be pretty difficult to pull off. However, you must get this right as there is nothing more likely to make someone leave your website than difficulty in actually using it. Here are several elements to focus on. Make sure that the layout and navigation of the site is intuitive. If users have to think too much, they will soon leave. The functionalities of the site must also be quick and efficient to use, whether it’s an order form or moving from one page to the next. Make sure that this is true for mobile use too. Again, there is no time to hang around online.

  • Make a visual impact

It is perhaps too simplistic to say that your website needs to stand out when users are browsing. Yes, your site must be alluring and attractive, but don’t fall into the temptation of making it stand out for all the wrong reasons. A design which is made to shock might attract a few curious visitors but that’s a limited audience. Instead think about the image you wish to project. There is a big difference between a ‘professional’ design and a ‘fun’ design. The right design for you depends on your audience. Once you know what you want, make it sharp and clean.

  • Engaging, well organised content

Once you have enticed visitors to your site, make sure that they stay. You can do this by making the content interesting, relevant and up to date. Information must be accurate and free of grammatical or punctuation errors, or else trust and credibility will soon be eroded. Place the most exciting content up front on your homepage, don’t make people search too hard. As for images, another important content component, these must be high quality without impacting your site’s functionality.

  • Build trust with your audience

This is important for any site, but in particular for e-commerce websites where trust is a pre-requisite to making a sale. There is often scepticism over making an online purchase, so do all that you can to build your credibility. Including ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages are fundamentals in achieving this as they demonstrate openness. Importantly, purchase an SSL certificate, which allows secure purchases and logins to be performed on your site. See all SSL products at Thawte for a good range of options. Similarly, any relevant industry certification should also be displayed. Meanwhile, including client testimonials is another important technique. Make sure that those who can vouch for you endorse your service or product. If you are curious about the advantages of Wildcard SSL certificates from Thawte, be sure to visit their website and speak to a customer service representative.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making sure that users can find you easily when searching online is crucial to your website’s success. There are many techniques to help make this happen. However, you can take some initial steps by finding the right keywords which you should include in your content and sourcing powerful links to share. You should also register with relevant business listings such as Google and Bing. SEO remains an important aspect of promoting your website online and creating a strong presence in the search engines, so put effort into SEO strategies.


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