5 iPhone Apps any Great Fisherman Shouldn’t be Without

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Fishing isn’t like it used to be a hundred years ago. I don’t think they could have imagined all the fantastic technology we have these days. It’s almost as if it’s become too easy and you won’t go home without some lovely fresh fish for the next week’s supper. To make it even easier you now have the chance to get some cool apps for your iPhone. Apps that will not only make fishing easier than how you’re finding it right now, but also stuff that’s going to make being on the water much more fun. Here’s a list of some great ones you might want to check out.

iPhone Apps for Fisherman


If you need some help planning your fishing times then look no further. FishMate is here to give you a helping hand. It will partly developed by fishing legend, Sammy Lee and all his 30 years of experience is bundled into the app. You’ll get things like the local weather in your area, information on the best feeding times, and you even get a place to store all your best photos so you have the proof well after the fish is gone.

iPhone Apps Any Great Fisherman

Fly Fishing Reporter

If you’re looking for some detailed information on the best fly fishing spots in the US then you have everything you need right here. It included maps of America’s best fishing streams and even has an inbuilt locator that helps you find the best spots to fish in your current area. Search the area and it will tell you the distance to all the best streams, so you can decide for yourself whether the longer drive is worth the effort or not.

Flick Fishing

This one won’t help you catch fish, real ones anyway, but it’s a fun little app that will help you pass the time and if you’re having a slow day at least you’ll catch something. You can play tournaments in over half a dozen beautiful locations. You need to keep your eye on your rod or you might just forget you are actually fishing for real. It’s one of the best games around at the moment.

Animated Fishing Knots

Every fisherman needs to know how to tie different knots and unless you have years of experience it’s always easy to forget in the heat of the moment. Luckily they have brought out a nice little app that means you will never forget again. It doesn’t just explain how to tie them, you also get fully animated videos of 21 top fishing knots. They are organized by name and easy to find.

iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

This app has superpowers and gives you some excellent information it gathers from astronomical data acquired from the US Naval Observatory. Some pretty high-end stuff right there. If you want to know what times the fish will start biting it will give you a good idea. It’s built with GPS capabilities so you have local information no matter where you are. The amount of features it’s packed with would take up a whole article by itself. Add it to your shopping list.

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