5 Inventions That Made Aviation the Safest Transport Ever

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This article will discuss just a few inventions responsible for making aviation the safest transport option that you can possibly take. Gone are the days where bad weather permits a plane from flying, or where a plane is uncertain of its coordinates. With modern day technology and the use of state of the art programs, flying is now as safe and easy as pie.

Aviation the Safest Transport

Let us take a look at some of the inventions that makes flying safe:

Integrated electronics

Onboard units, or integrated electronics are complex electronic systems that help maintain the leves of altitude, vertical speed and speed within aviation. The integrated electronics have features such as auto-pilot as well as real-time feedback on the state of the engines. These systems are also the reason why bad weather landings are much more manageable. Without these onboard electronic systems flying would most definitely not have been as safe as it is today.

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control or ATC is one of the most important factors when it comes to the safety of aviation. Cutting edge technology is the reason why this stressful job can be pulled off so flawlessly, but contrary to popular belief, the main decisions are being made by the air traffic control officers. No decisions are being made solely through technology, but because of its advancements, more accurate decisions can be made. Air Traffic Control is responsible for the calculation of the route and managing air traffic. Technology has helped this process through the display format of the information. Through technology improvement the best route and timing can now be calculated because of the improved flight data systems. The Electronic Flight Data program enables the controllers to communicate more freely regarding changes with the flight.

Advanced Technology

The skies are not just a limit anymore, but it’s slowly but surely becoming the common ground. Because of its high levels of safety, air travel is becoming more and more common and preferred by travelers as well as privileged individuals. Air traffic is also on the rise because of the advanced technology being used. In the past controllers had to focus much more on the planning and management of air traffic, and the planes made use of radion monitors to mark their positions. These days the airplanes are tracked and communicated with via satellite based datalink communications.

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance systems is also actively in place and planes can communicate their positions with air traffic control as well as other surrounding aircrafts. Advanced Technology enables planes to easily travel 12 000 km without having to refuel and instead of having a limit of 160 passengers in the past the Boeing 777 can accommodate over 300 passengers.


Did you know that if anything should go wrong with the pilots in time for landing, the plane will be able to land itself? Most airports have an Instrument Landing System (ILS) installed which allows the plane to land without any human control or interference. This system is very advanced and will most likely be the difference between life and death should the plane have to land in bad weather or in an emergency situation. The Instrument Landing System is a very complex system that has lightening fast reactions through sensors throughout the plane. In the past landing a plane safely without the pilot and his skills would seem impossible, but modern day technology seems to have covered any and every safety risk one can think of.

Fire and Smoke Resistant Materials

When it comes to the safety of flying it is not just about how alert the pilot is, or cutting edge technology for emergency landings, but safety lies in the interior design and product design of the craft as well. Just as the structure and layout of the plane requires a certain amount of space between individuals and easy access to the emergency exits, the materials that your seat is made of also plays a role. Fire and smoke resistant materials within the plane are another reason why flying in the 21st century is one of the safest means of travel. In case of any emergency the materials should be designed in such a way that it won’t pose an even more dangerous thread than your current emergency’s circumstances.

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    I did this when I was 17 back in 1997 And it was one of the greatest eerepixnces I’ve had I’m sure much has changed between then and now, but I’m sure it’s still just as fun!!!

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