5 Gadgets That Will Bring Out a Geek in You

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There are a few things in this world that seem to elicit a geeky response. Remember that to be a geek you do not have to be smart. A nerd is smart, but most nerds are also geeks too. Here are a few things that may be sending you into geeky overdrive without you realizing is.

5 Gadgets

1 – The Smartphone

Or more specifically, the newest Smartphone. It is no longer cool to have a mobile phone because everybody has got one. It used to be cool in the late nineties when only business men had them, but now even people who live on food stamps have one or more Smartphones and mobile phones, so they are no longer cool.

They do have a habit of bringing out the lurching geek in a lot of people. Suddenly, there are people who seem to be normal that start spurting out the statistics of their phone and how it X% thinner than the next brand, or how the battery is what causes it to be a little heavier. They can mention the features of for phone by memory and brag about the amount of mega pixels in the camera. It seems to bring out the complete geek in a lot of people.

2 – iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

You may have heard of the Smartphone (it’s a pretty safe bet), but have you heard of the iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet? It allows you to slot your iPad into a small arcade game machine. It is a docking station that connects to your iPad. You use the tablet as a screen and use the controls on the arcade machine and it will let you play old arcade games with your iPad.

3 – The telescope

You give anybody a telescope and suddenly they become the biggest geek on the planet. They suddenly talk as if they know what they are looking for or looking at, and some even start hazarding a guess as to what the stars are called. The same thing happens when a man lifts up the bonnet of a car. He may not see much, but he starts to talk like he does.

4 – SpyNet Night Vision Binoculars

How can you resist turning into a complete geek when you put these on, and you can bet your broken pajama cord that most people will dart off into a dark room and sit there hoping someone comes in. people have wanted to try night vision goggles since either watching Jurassic Park, watching Silence of the lambs, or since playing any Splinter Cell game.

The great thing is that they used to be really expensive, but these days they cost less than a Smartphone, and if you really have money to burn then you can buy the ones that zoom in like on the Metal Gear Solid games.

5 – Guitar hero

Put your average geek in a room with a guitar hero and they become a superstar. It makes sense that the geek would want to be the guitarist. He gets to be the quiet loner who is above all the rest. He gets to be the one who pretends he spots a friend in a far corner whilst his fingers rattle on the neck of the guitar like they were robotic. Before you know it way will be playing with a small kid’s plastic toy and calling yourself the King of The World. If you get a few geeks together, then good times may be had by all.

A few things that should have had a mention

Here are a few of the things that are just not popular enough to enter onto the list, but that are so geeky they deserve at least a small mention.

The Yoda Backpack

Have Yoda ride on your back just like in the movie. Why this wasn’t thought of years ago is a mystery.

The drummer shirt

This is a shirt with pressure sensitive pads on it that you can press to hear a drumming sound.

The light saber chopsticks

They are chopsticks in the shape of light sabers and they light up when you pick up your food.

Lord of the Rings Beer tankards

Yes, you too can pretend you are in that pub in the first movie and drink from a Lord of the Rings tankard.

The R2D2 Trash can

All you have to do is tread on that noisy droids toe and his head section opens up so you can throw in your rubbish.

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