5 Factors that Play Very Important Role in Quitting Smoking!

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Those who think that quitting cigarettes is an easy task should go and ask a smoker who wants to get rid of the habit but is finding it hard to. I know almost a dozen people who every New Year take resolution not to smoke. I have not seen any of them succeed. Most of them even cannot make to a week without smoking, leave alone whole life.

Quit Smoking

Those who do not smoke often blame those who want to smoke of not giving a serious try. It is essential to note that non smokers can play equally important role in helping their loved ones in quitting smoking. Here are 5 factors that play crucial role in quitting smoking.

Self determination:

Unless you decide that you want to quit it for good, you cannot leave this habit. You may be able to leave it for a time being but in absence of self determination it is almost impossible for anybody to get rid of this habit. You can write down the reasons for which it is essential for you to quit smoking. Keep the list at a place to keep you reminding why you should not smoke.

Emotional support:

Many family members and friends often do mistake of criticizing the smoker for smoking. On the contrary you should help him in finding ways to quit smoking. Be a friend, listen to the problems that he is facing in quitting and help in finding solutions. In fact you can play a prominent role in helping him quit it forever.

Stress free life:

Most smokers have to say that they do not quit smoking as it helps them in coping up under stress. This is however baseless yet you cannot help the way people feel about something. You can surely help in keeping the stress levels in control. If one of your loved ones smokes then keep him busy and happy so that he does not have to turn towards cigarette to calm his nerves.

Electronic cigarettes:

E cigarettes that are easily available in the market can help you in quitting ordinary cigarettes without having to face the withdrawal symptoms. These cigarettes do not harm your body as they do not create smoke which is the root cause of cancer and similar other medical conditions. There are websites where you can find largest coupon codes for electronic cigarettes in Smoke Hall. In this way you can save considerable amount of money.


Once that you have quieted smoking does not mean that the problem is over. Many people again resort to full blown smoking even after quitting it for months. You have to be consistent once that you have left it.


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