5 Amazing Pieces Of Technology You Might Not Be Using In Your Business

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It’s only recently that we’ve had computers in the office. Do you have any idea how they managed to cope for so long without everything we have today? I bet it was a lot harder to get stuff done and build your small business up from the ground. In a few years our children will probably think the stuff we have today is as old as the dinosaurs. The world changes at such a quick pace and everyone seems to forget the way we used to do things in the olden days. That’s all except for a few certain people.

Pieces Of Technolog

For some reason, there’s people who don’t quite manage to keep up with technology. Walk into their office and you’ll see something that takes you back in time. Maybe they don’t want to change, or it could be that they know no different. If you don’t keep on top of things you might also be missing out. This is something you really can’t afford to happen because you might be able to make more money by speeding processes up, so let’s look at some of the big differences today that is letting businesses grow faster than ever.

Personal phone calls

When you call someone these days it doesn’t need to be over a landline, or even a mobile connection. When you speak to someone over the Internet you can see their face in all its glory. This is powerful when you’re in sales because you can close more sales when you see how someone is reacting to what you say. It’s also much more personal for normal conversations and should be used to replace phone calls when necessary.

Sending your letters

There’s lots of ways to send letters and some people have even went as far as to tie one to a pigeon’s ankle. Nowadays you just need to visit a website and you can send your letter by pressing a button. They print and post it while you get on with real work. When your business doesn’t send out much letters it’s sometimes easier to do it this way. There is obviously a small fee involved, but when you save time you make more money doing other stuff.

Using a tablet

I don’t really know how anyone did much productive work in the past when they were away from the office, but because we have tablets it allows us to work on the go. Once back in the office it can then all be uploaded to the computer. If you have a special app it can even be synced automatically. You have the option of using portable keyboards with them and it allows you to type at a good speed once you get a bit of practice.

Backing up everything

Can you imagine how much storage space it would have taken to keep copies of every single document? If they were really sensible they would probably have two of each one. All you need to do is open an account with an online storage service and send all your files into the cloud. To keep them extra safe you could use two different services plus keep an external disk drive in the office.

Using speech recognition software

In the past you would find some speech recognition software and it wasn’t too good. Maybe it put you off using it, but when you look at what’s available now there is a world of difference. When you have a huge amount of things to write it can be done so much faster and easier by speaking into a microphone. You might still have to edit a few things, but it’s surely easier than typing away for hours.

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