5 Amazing and Affordable Accessories for the iPhone 5

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No iPhone 5 should stand alone. There are thousands of amazing accessories available for the discerning iPhone owner looking to beef up functionality or add a layer of protection to the already rugged iPhone exterior. But which accessories manage to be relatively affordable while meeting Apple fans’ notoriously high standards?

iPhone 5

BossTech Touchscreen Gloves ($1.99-19.99, Hugo Boss)

Gloves have been an annoying obstacle as long as touchscreen products have been on the market. World-renowned fashion house Hugo Boss’s imprint BossTech solves this pesky problem with Touchscreen Gloves. Hands stay warm while pinching, swiping, and tapping thanks to the gloves’ three conductive fingertips (index finger, middle finger, and thumb). The gloves are made of 95% cashmere and tightly knit, so hands are sure to stay toasty while still being able to breathe. There are nine colors to choose from, ranging from old standbys like brown, gray and black to more colorful options like pink or even striped designs. With a worldwide powerhouse like Hugo Boss behind it, BossTech Touchscreen Gloves are a surefire way to operate your iPhone 5 whether you’re hiking, jogging, or just walking down the street, without having to give up comfort or style.

Spiderpodium ($19.99, Breffo)

The Spiderpodium by British design firm Breffo is the chic and smart alternative to the run-of-the-mill iPhone stands we’re all used to seeing. Whether at home, in the car or at the office, the super-portable and stylish Spiderpodium wraps its eight adjustable legs around your iPhone in any configuration you like, making it perfect for squeezing into odd nooks and crannies or leaving openings around the edges of your iPhone 5 free for additional accessories to connect. A wide range of color choices make the Spiderpodium even more flexible — choose from green to blue and the spectrum inbetween. The strong and lightweight Spiderpodium is a great choice for the style-conscious who like to transform their living and working spaces in uncoventional and creative ways.

Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones ($29.95, Kinivo)

The traditional white earbuds that have come bundled with every iPhone since the beginning certainly aren’t bad as far as headphones go, but in plenty of areas they cry out for an upgrade. Enter Kinivo’s BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. They offer a sleek, curved design that allows you to listen to music in comfort while wearing them behind-the-head style. A built-in microphone and bluetooth functionality provide hands-free, cordless communication with colleagues, family and friends. Lightweight and foldable design ensures maximal portability, and the stop, play and pause buttons located on the headphones themselves make the experience as convenient as can be. If you’re looking to add bluetooth functionality to your iPhone 5 experience (with a sprinkle of comfort, to boot),  take a step up from the classic Apple earbuds and think hard and long about expanding your options with the Kinivo BTH220.

Knomo iPhone 5 Leather Folio ($48, Knomo London)

The most expensive accessory of the bunch is also the most fashionable. For the better part of eight years the folks at Knomo London have been designing bags and other carrying accessories with an eye toward marrying style and functionality in the digital age. The Knomo Leather Folio for the iPhone 5 is a flip cover case tailored specifically for the iPhone and available in classic black or sophisticated cognac. The folio boasts incredibly easy access to all parts of your iPhone while covered — from the main on/off switch to headphone jacks and volume control. Never a brand to skimp on style, the folio’s exterior is genuine leather, covering state-of-the art shock-resistant plastic casing. The Knomo Leather Folio is a must if you want to keep your iPhone 5 safe while projecting cool, classic style.

Speck Candyshell Grip Case ($34.95, Speck)

The iPhone 5 is the most hardy and rugged iPhone yet, but most owners have a tiny voice inside them whispering, “Go the extra mile.” Speck Candyshell is that extra mile. Designed for maxium productivty and ease-of-use, the Speck Candyshell embeds textured rubber grips on the case to boost control and comfort. Its futuristic design is due in large part to the shock-absorbent lining and hard polycarbonate material that compose it. Possibly the greatest feature is one aimed at the ever-growing swarm of iPhone gaming fanatics — thumb bumps on the top and bottom of the case, improving aim and alignment. And, as with nearly every accessory these days, there is a huge swath of possible case colors to choose from. If you’re the more sophisticated sort, you may want to try out the aforementioned Knomo Folio. If you prefer a design that eschews classic looks in favor of bleeding-edge aesthetics and function, you can’t do much better than the Speck Candyshell Grip Case.

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