4 Considerations When Selecting a Developer Platform

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If you are a developer and need a platform that you can use to build on, you should consider working with the Salesforce platform. You are able to build using a variety of tools that include Eclipse, Selenium, Sublime, Git and others depending on your preferences. The platform has an Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment) which goes a long way in increasing the value provided by the toolset.

Salesforce - developer platform

The platform will help you build a variety of Salesforce applications as part of a large team, or as an individual. If you are looking for an agile development platform, this one is just the ticket. You are able to go through the entire development lifecycle and enjoy all the integrated services in the process. Building has never been this much fun and so easy as well. Here are things to consider when selecting a developer platform:

Collaboration of Technologies

Salesforce is a platform that can incorporate different technologies including Git, which helps you to control the versions of your development.  You can control the versions of your metadata, configuration for your organization, and your code too. You are able to export some of your metadata, specify which edition it is, define data, features, configuration options, import files and so much more.

Development and Testing

You can develop, test and continuously integrate using scratch orgs. These are deployments that are disposable and source-driven. If you want to have a dedicated scratch org, you can put one together to test the code that you are working on.  Work on your code and test it as you go. As it passes the tests, you can then merge your branch and build packages before deploying it so it can undergo final testing.

Developer Experience

With Salesforce DX, you can be sure that you will have a fantastic developer experience. You are able to use the tools that you love so that your team has all of its needs met. You will be working with open APIs and around a command line interface that is quite powerful. Integrating the tools you want is actually the icing on the cake. The platform takes into account people who like to use the integrated development environment and those who prefer a text editor.


How you package and distribute the apps you create on this platform is very important. With this platform, you have the entire lifecycle of the app development at your fingertips and can efficiently deliver your apps in the modern day. Your development team will have a great time because they have an excellent platform at their disposal and you will enjoy it too.

Any developer looking to create an app with a modern platform that takes just about everything you would need into consideration should look for Salesforce. You can be sure that it will make creating the app a breeze and the fact that you can have a team working with you on the platform makes it absolutely ideal. Now that they also have a wide variety of tools to work with, you will find just about everything you prefer to use on there at your disposal.

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