4 Absolutely Crazy Fitness Gadgets That You’ll Never Get A Chance To Use

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Some fitness gadgets completely change the way we exercise. They are so good we can change the shape of our body in a matter of weeks. When you walk into a gym there’s hundreds of different machines lying around. You would be better just working out from home with a few select gadgets. It saves you having to drive to the gym every time you feel like working out.

Crazy Fitness Gadgets

But sometimes you would just be wasting your time. There’s been some crazy things invented over the years, but the fitness industry definitely gives as good as anyone else. Some people must be on mind-altering drugs when they invent crazy gadgets, and they must take more drugs before they start building them. Let’s have a look and see how crazy they actually get. Remember that some poor people actually have these in their home.

Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

I really don’t know what to say or how to describe this. Just imagine someone made a small replica of a horse, but instead of looking like an animal it looked like a seat with a strange metal contraption under it. The idea is to ride up and down on the seat as if you were out in a field riding an actual horse. The actual idea is pretty good, if you’re clinically insane. Sadly it’s not taken off and it probably won’t. If you want a shot you should head to South Korea.


This is the kind of gadget some college guys came up with when they were really stoned one night. They were having a conversation about the stupidest fitness gadget they could build and it was born. It’s a dumbbell that shakes. It claims to work the muscle from every direction, but if you understand anything about how the human body works the product will make you cry. It’s actually very insulting how easily they can try to steal peoples money by completely ripping them off.

Face Trainer

If you ever wanted the perfect Halloween costume then this would be it. Once it’s wrapped around your face you will look the spitting image of Hannibal Lector. The sales page will tell you that the mask works every muscle in the face. What it should tell you is that it will make you look stupid, yet do absolutely nothing to your face. I’m surprised the company never went bankrupted, because they surely had to pay millions to the people who agreed to be the guinea pigs and test it out.

Hawaii Chair

This fitness gadget could have really changed the world. If it was melted down and used for something that was actually useful. They call it the Hawaii Chair because the seat spins around and it looks like you’re doing a hula dance. Why on earth would someone decide to come up with a product like this? Some people are just born without the intelligence of a frog. But if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t get to laugh about it. Keep your eyes peeled and you can usually see a few of these special gadgets being invented every year.

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