3 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Grow Your Business

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If you’re using your smartphone strictly to send texts, watch movies, and play your favorite games, you could be missing out. According to a recent study conducted by Huthwaite, an organization that helps businesses improve sales, using a smartphone is one of the best ways to grow your business. In fact, many small business owners are using their iPhone or Android phone to run their businesses, and they’re seeing a 30% increase in sales because of it.


As many as 42 percent of business owners reported that they couldn’t imagine running a business without their smartphones. Here are three ways your smartphone can help you stay focused on growing your business.

Manage Your Tasks

There are now many mobile friendly apps that you can use to stay on top of your to-do list. One such app is Toodledo, which tracks everything you need to do. It will sort your tasks into categorized folders and set priorities, provide reminders, and set due dates so you’ll have no excuse for falling behind.

You can upgrade to the Pro version and get more out of the app for your business. But you’re not limited to Toodledo since there are many other free and paid apps that you can download for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry 10. Therefore, you’ll only need to find the appropriate app store for your OS and download an app to meet your task management needs.

Download Videos To Show On The Go

There are currently 45 million smartphones active in the United States, and they’re millions more around the world. Just like social media, smartphones are becoming the most popular means of communication. So instead of promising to email a product demonstration video when you get back to the office, you can provide a demonstration to a prospective customer right then and there. Use the resources available on http://youtubedownload.altervista.org to download your product videos and replay in offline mode.

We live in an age where people want answers right away, and your ability to deliver on the spot will increase your chances of closing the sale.

If your phone is equipped with the right apps, you can probably close the sale and take the payment directly on your smartphone. This type of mobile functionality is exactly what you need to grow your business.

Respond Faster to Customers

The way you communicate with your customers is a crucial part of your business. In fact, delayed communication could drive your customers straight into the arms of your competitors. Responding to requests for quotes from your website, emails, and comments on your blog demonstrate your commitment to your business. If you spend more time out in the field instead of in front of the computer screen, your smartphone will ensure that you’re never out of touch.

Equip your smartphone with the right apps, so you can respond to existing and future customers quickly, access your office files on the go, and close sales when you’re in the field.

How do you use your smartphone to grow your business?

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