3 Absolute Best Time Tracking Apps of 2019

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Every person on earth, whether poor or rich, have the privilege of having 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful lies in how they spend these 24 hours. It is these 24 hours that determine your successes, failures, and the entire fulfilment in life. Life is not about having more time but managing the time you have. The big question now remains, how are you managing your time in your company?

Time Tracking Apps

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Why Do You Have Low Productivity in Your Business?

According to a study conducted by Atlassian in 2019, it is clear that every average employee only concentrates for 3 minutes in their work before switching to another task. The study also revealed that they spend 2 hours every day trying to recover from various distractions.

Can you imagine the time wasted and the level of productivity put to drain? This could be the case in your company; that’s why the level of productivity is increasingly dropping.

Time management is one way that you can increase productivity and eventually boost the profit margins. It is not done by imposing heavy measures on your employees to the extent that they hate and feel less motivated to work for. No, that’s not the way. You need to have time tracking apps.

To grow any business or company, you need to have apps that can accurately track time effectively and efficiently. You don’t need to develop your app because they are readily available. Here are the best three-time tracking apps that will escalate your business to heights:


HoursTracker app is being used by most established businesses to keep a record of their earnings, payment periods, business expenses, and track their working hours. If your esteemed employees are on a very tight and busy schedule, you will need to have accurate work in your operation.

Since this app is easy to use, your employees will embrace it. It has the capacity of allowing your employees to clock in and clock out easily without any hassles. Depending on whether anyone is leaving or arriving at the job location, it becomes easy to track time. In case you are paying your employees on hourly bases, this app will encourage them to continue working. Besides, it will help you to keep their hourly record properly.

My Hours

If you are just a start-up trying to manage the time in your organization or business to increase your productivity, you will need the My Hours app. Of course, the ease of use is one of the features to look out for in any app that you are planning to use. My Hours app is not just easy to use but also has some integrated features and classy designs that have attracted most businessmen and managers.

Whenever you choose a complicated app, your employees may not be willing to use it. With My Hours app, you enjoy excellent user experience and very comprehensive and awesome time-tracking. With this app, you can easily manage your reports, do proper project management, and download different reports. You can also create invoices, manage your team correctly, set up, and track your budgets. This makes My Hours an excellent app for you.


If you are having a great business, corporations, or just a start-up, then you can embrace this app. You can use it with your Android device, iPhone, and desktop.  With Hubstaff, you can easily manage online timesheets and your projects effectively.

Its geofencing feature is making most of the business owners fall in love with this app. With this app, you can easily create job sites and locations using this feature. This means that your employees can easily sign-in and out whenever they are reporting to the job site.

If you are looking for in-depth productivity, this app enables you to take random screenshots and show the activity levels. As the manager or CEO, you can easily keep yourself updated with the latest and ongoing project and have the capacity to manage it effectively.

You can integrate other applications like Salesforce, Asana, and Quickbooks, among others to make this app more effective in time tracking and project management. You can easily send payrolls and payments to your employees who are on this platform. You can easily integrate it with various payment services to schedule your payment efficiently.

What Makes a Good Time Tracking App?

  • Its features – You should ensure that the time tracking app has all the features you will need. Some of the features and functionalities include time tracking, task management, generation of reports and invoices, attendance monitoring, etc.
    • Its efficiency – The app must be easy to use for everyone in the company. If the app is difficult to use, most of the employees will not be willing to corporate.
    • Pricing – If you are upgrading your app, ensure that it falls within the stipulated budget for it.
    • Compatibility – Your app should have the capacity to integrate with other apps and devices. A good app can be operated using diverse platforms like in your iPhone, Android, or desktop.


Choosing the right tech and time tracking app can be a hard task, especially in the digital era. While making your choice, consider the size of your business, features you will need most, size of your team, pricing, and ease of use. The ultimate time tracking app is to save money hence significant to check on your pricing. Which questions do you think a manager or CEO should ask himself before embracing any time tracking app?

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