15 eCommerce Checkout Success Factors [Infographic]

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A digital marketer knows how payments could be the key to the victory of your ecommerce venture. It is vital that checkout procedures are prepared as spontaneous and simple as possible. However, there are still many corporations that have failed to create an efficient process. These drawbacks in turn have been conversion killers. For both well-known brands and startups, the failure of these dealings should set as an example of why the checkout step needs to be a sign of your brand individuality.

With this infographic, we are sharing 15 ecommerce checkout success factors which can improve checkout process.

1. Session Timings

It can be disastrous if the customer comes to know that the product he added just went out of the stock. Session timings get importance here. However, this should be clearly communicated. Perhaps, a timing bar would help a faster check out process.

2. Design Of The Form

Again, no one wants to fill in a complicated and lengthy form. This is in strict contradiction to intuitive buying. Keep the form as simple as you can and ask for the least amount of information.

3. Validation / Error Trapping

Errors in the form should be clearly highlighted such that it becomes easier for the customer to edit and re-submit.

4. Call To Action

Every step should have statement that pushes the customer to complete the next step and so on.

5. Trust

It is also necessary that the customer finds the buying process reliable and trustworthy. The best tools for this are privacy statements, security of information, secured domain address, etc.

15 Ecommerce Checkout Success Factors

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Mark Collins is working as a Marketing Manager at Syncline, a company which provides multichannel eCommerce solutions all over the globe.


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