10 Tips to Follow While Buying a Refurbished Mobile Phone

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Are you planning to buy a latest Smartphone? You can give a thought to refurbished phone if you are tight on budget. You can get the same features and warranty with a refurbished one as well.

What are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones have been used formerly by customers however the customer might return the phone to the company for some internal faults. The company checks the phone and runs several tests. They also repair it if they find any faults. Here are some tips you should follow while buying refurbished phones.

    1. Locked or unlocked – Locked phones are protected with a particular provider, while unlocked phones proffer the liberty to use any provider. You recognize your necessities best so decide accordingly. While buying refurbished phones, make sure that this attribute is checked.
    1. Factory settings – Whether you are buying refurbished iPhones or other smartphones, make sure that there is no mark out of previous ownership in the gadget. The memory should be fresh and factory setting reinstallation should be as per your preference.
    1. Manufacturer warranty –Majority of companies offer warranty on refurbished phones just like in case of latest phones. In case any scratch is inflected or if some parts require substitute, the contract comes to assist.
    1. Beware of recurring charges – While purchasing a refurbished phone make sure that apart from factory program, no other games or applications are loaded in the gadget. In case they are loaded, check that they are not chargeable.
    1. Reputation of the retailer or manufacturer – Do not pay money for refurbished phones from just any phone shop. Check the status of the maker or the seller prior purchase and only if their credentials are acceptable, go forward with making the purchase.
    1. ESN – Under the battery of the cell phone is the ESN (electronic serial number). Each phone has an exclusive ESN. With the ESN you can discover particulars of the earlier ownership of the phone with help of the phone producer. Every fact about the phone can be identified from the ESN.
    1. Factory issued accessories – Check that the second-hand iPhone6 that you are purchasing has all the essential accessories in the box. This is valid for other smartphones as well. There should be the charger, the battery, an adapter, the USB cable and related things in the phone box.
    1. Model history – There are a number of phones which have operating system problems or automatic problems. These problems stay in the gadget even after refurbishing the same. Therefore it is most excellent if the model can be studied in fine points so that you have information on the pros and cons of the gadget before making the final purchase.
    1. Price – Any refurbished phone must come at a price lesser than the new phone. Many sellers and producers claim that a refurbished phone is as high-quality as new and so the prices stay same. But when you are purchasing a refurbished phone, you are getting a second-hand phone. So why pay full for an old phone?
    2. Return policy – The dealer’s return guidelines is a main thing to consider before purchasing a refurbished phone. Typically these phones come with addition of return policy.


How to Buy a Refurbished Smartphone

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